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Marlena Baker

Haunted Mines was a little different this year. On top of the usual mines they had twisted fairy tales. It might not sound like the most obvious combination, but it worked really well.

The sets really blended the themes well. The fairy tale elements were integrated through the characters and some very clever set details. They had quotes from all the stories written along the walls throughout. While each section had its story such as the three little piggies, little miss muffet, and Pinocchio, the whole haunt had an Alice in Wonderland theme running throughout. It was really cool that the Mad Hatter somehow kept popping up in front of us and walking the other way. They used the playing cards to tie it all together. They cropped up all over the place and helped the atmosphere stay steady. It also helped that they maintained that worn down atmosphere of the mines. I really enjoyed the saloon and all the time in the mines. Be aware, there’s some obstacles to this haunt. It’s terrifying to have your movement restricted while you’re with the crazies.

The actors were intense, too. They were popping up all over the place, and they all had very solid characters. Using the fairy tale theme gave them a whole bunch of characters to work with, and make twisted and creepy. It really worked. There was a lot of really interesting dialogue and interaction. I especially liked the Queen of Hearts.

Colorado Fear Fest is the second haunt at the Mines and it’s smaller, but it had some really good elements. It started out with a hotel theme, which I enjoyed a lot. The sets were detailed and interesting, and they stuck with the theme really well. As we went, however, the sets became more sparse. The second half was mine themed, which had some great parts, but felt a lot less fleshed out. The actors helped, though. They kept us engaged, even when the sets were sparse. One girl in particular followed us through the haunt and was friendly to the point of being suspicious. She was awesome. I have to mention, also, that they had a chainsaw guy that came at me with such intensity that I almost fell over backwards. It scared me pretty bad.

Overall Haunted Mines and Colorado Fear Fest had a lot of really good scares. The Mines were a lot of fun and the new theme really brought something great to the haunt. Colorado Fear Fest needs some fleshing out, but there’s a lot of good stuff there already. Absolutely worth checking out.

Austin Metzler

Every year the haunted houses in Colorado Springs amaze me, it’s like the fountain of frights is feeding this place. Dwelling within the compound of the mining museum lays Haunted Mines, one of the most unique and creative haunted houses in the state. Don’t let the entrance fool you, this haunt weaves in and among itself in a descent into madness. This year Haunted Mines brings your favorite childhood fairy tales and morphs them into something from your greatest nightmares. There is also a new additional haunt called Colorado Fear Fest that is a lot of fun and filled with frights.

Haunted Mines is an intense haunt, every corner hides something terrifying. The sights, sounds, and even smell all come together to add to the intensity. The actors throughout this haunt are relentless and will haunt your nightmares for nights to come. While journeying through this haunt I was constantly on edge and was scared to continue not knowing what lies ahead.

The phenomenal cast of Haunted Mines and Colorado Fear Fest are some of the best actors I have encountered this season, they all have fully developed characters and mannerisms. From the second you enter the Haunted Mines the actors are out to get you. There were so many great actors that it is hard to name them all, but the mad hatter that kept reappearing and the princesses were terrifying. I especially enjoyed the staring contest with the actor before the Cheshire cat. Within Colorado Fear Fest the actors were also very creepy. I loved the husband and wife and the chainsaw actor was the best this season. The Spooky Colorado critics, including myself, are never frightened by chainsaws, but the actor in this haunt had such intensity that you think he is really going to cut you in half. The makeup and masks in both haunts are also very detailed as well as the costumes; the makeup department did a phenomenal job this year.

The sets in Haunted Mines are outstanding; some are even 2 stories high. Walking through Haunted Mines you feel as though you are really walking through a mine, navigating tight corners. The details in each room are perfect and really flow through and keep with the fairy tale theme. There are also some great lighting and fog effects that ooze creepiness. One of the most unique aspects of Haunted Mines is that you are not just walking on a path, you have to crawl and climb your way through and some of the passageways are very tight, adding to the claustrophobic feel. The sets in Colorado Fear Fest are also great to see, they all follow a specific theme. The lengths of both these haunts are perfect length, and both of these haunts complement each other. I highly recommend visiting Haunted Mines and Colorado Fear Fest this season, they are worth every penny.

Pros: great use of space in both haunts, amazing cast of actors and great makeup, love that the tunnel is back

Cons: some empty space in Colorado Fear Fest

225 N. Gate Blvd.

Colorado Springs, CO. 80921

  • $20 General Admission
  • $40 VIP
  • $30 General Admission to Haunted Mines & Colorado Fear Fest
  • $60 VIP Haunted Mines & Colorado Fear Fest
Fridays & Saturdays  September 16th – September 30th

7:30pm – 11pm

Fridays & Saturdays October 1st – October 8th

7pm – 11pm

Thursday – Saturday October 13th – 22nd

7pm – 11pm

Thursday – Monday October 27th – October 31st

7pm – 11pm

Haunted Mines
New for 2016!!! The Haunted Mines is partnering with Colorado Fear Fest to bring you two haunts in one amazing location!!


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