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Marlena Baker

How do I even start describing this haunt? I feel like I’ll be here all day if I try to talk about even half the things I liked about Hellscream. It’s astounding to see a haunt this long built this well all the way through.

The sets at Hellscream are amazing. They have filled that building with all sorts of creepy places, each and every one fleshed out and detailed. Everything from the doctor’s office, to the swamp, to the old west town was very well put together. There’s no theme to this haunt, but everything still has the same feel to it. There’s this overarching atmosphere throughout the haunt that helps tie the whole experience together. Even when there was a circus section the general tone of the scenes didn’t change. It was really impressive.

The actors helped sell it too. There were so many great actors and just so many actors. For such a huge haunt it was never sparse on actors. Most rooms had two actors, some of the larger rooms had even more. The hallways had actors who just wandered around saying creepy things. There was one girl asking for eyes that I just loved. They all had characters to work with, and the variety of lines we heard was immense. When we engaged with them they did really well, too. There was never a dull moment.

The entire time we were in Hellscream I was on edge. My arms were raised, ready to fend off the next threat. The scares came fast, one working off another as we walked through, but given enough time between to let me anticipate the next one. It was overall an amazing experience.

Austin Metzler

Of all the years that I have been going to haunted houses I have never been truly terrified until I visited Hellscream haunted house this year. Haunts will give me a startle and I might flinch or stumble, but Hellscream made me absolutely terrified to the point that I almost used the “chicken exit”. To give a idea I am an almost 300 pound man standing at 6 foot 6 inches, and this haunt turned me into a trembling mess, thank you Hellscream, you scared Gigantor. This is the haunted house experience I have been waiting for my entire life.

Hellscream haunted house is the most terrifying haunt I have ever experienced, I have never said no, no, no so many times in a haunt. Every room I entered I tiptoed through, nerves on edge, jumping at almost every scare I got. Everything about Hellscream was out to get me, throughout all 3 floors of terror. I was in the front of the group and was so scared that at times I was several rooms ahead of my fellow critics. Thank you Hellscream for scaring me to the core.

Without great actors you don’t have a great haunt, and Hellscream has the most intense actors I have ever encountered. Possibly it could be that I was so visibly shaken that I was a great target but the creatures of Hellscream swooped down on me and I could barely catch my breath. From the second you enter Hellscream the acting and makeup are dead on, at times I thought they were actually creatures wanting to devour me and my soul. This season I have never seen such an intense and dedicated crew of actors, there are so many to name them all. I was so terrified that a regular person in street clothes scared me when he came around the corner after the haunt was finished.

Sets can make or break a haunted attraction, when it comes to Hellscream even the building sets the mood, but little do patrons know what terrors this three story structure hides. Journeying through Hellscream the sets are stunning with incredible detail, even though the themes are varied they come together in a great overall story. Every nook and cranny of this attraction is filled with detail, from what is on the walls to what is on the floor, you never know what surprises you will find. Very few haunts put you in the middle of the action, but Hellscream has you creeping extremely close to the props and actors, and within Hellscream nothing is as it seems. You can never tell if it’s a prop or an actor. One of my favorite rooms within this haunt is the swamp scene, it feels as though you are outside, and the floor even feels like a swamp. Hellscream also added some great new scenes that are a sight to behold. Also the animatronics are some of the most unique that I have seen. The length of this haunt is also perfect; you definitely get a lot for your admission. If you visit one haunted house this Halloween season I highly recommend visiting Hellscream, I know I’ll be back again.

Pros: some of if not the best actors in Colorado, beautiful sets and props, unique scare tactics

Cons: absolutely nothing, phenomenal job

3021 N. Hancock Ave.

Colorado Springs, CO. 80907

  • $22 General Admission
  • $28 VIP
Fridays & Saturdays September 23rd – October 29th

7pm – 11pm

October 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31

7pm – 10pm

November 4th & 5th Blackout

7pm – 10pm

Hellscream Haunted House
Colorado’s Ultimate Haunted House, is not only one of the scariest haunted houses in Colorado and the Midwest, but one of the Top Haunted Houses in the Nation. For 6 years this intense, cutting edge, multi story, multi attraction haunted event has thrilled and terrified visitors…regularly garnering attention from the likes of NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and the Colorado Springs Gazette. Named scariest and best in Colorado Springs numerous years by the Colorado Springs Gazette, and named the scariest and most feared Haunted House in Colorado by several websites, and organizations! Created by film, television, and special effects professionals, HellScream is also notable for its custom movie quality special effects, amazing actors, unique themes, and extremely detailed sets. Don’t miss one of America’s best haunted houses…visit HellScream this Halloween season!

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