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Marlena Baker

Nightmare City is a new haunt this year and I really didn’t know what to expect. It didn’t really have a theme, but they had a lot of very cool effects and an atmosphere throughout due to how they handled all the different areas.

The scenes were pretty good. They weren’t super detailed, but it was easy to overlook that in the face of the things they had going on in the rooms. I was completely caught off guard in the second room when we came across a sign that told us to pick up the phone. When we did there was someone on the other end. It was very creepy, especially when the dolls repeated what he said. Easily the coolest rules reading I’ve ever come across. We were literally unable to move forward until it finished, too. That wasn’t my favorite effect in the haunt, though. The bloody mary room, the television, and the ghost hallway were all amazing. I can’t really say more without giving away too much. You really need to see them.

The actors were intense and interesting. We had really great interaction with them. The doctor experimenting had great dialogue with us, and even had me participate by flipping the switch. That was really cool and helped draw us into the scene. The ghost and the swamp monster were very intense and got fantastic scares out of us. I also really liked the victims. One of them was a very disturbing scene, where even after she was attacked the killer dragged her along the floor by her leg. It was unnerving. The bane of my whole walk through was a small child, which one of the actors called Sam. He had such a creepy mask that I noticed him right away in one of the victim rooms. I thought she was talking about him when she screamed at us, but she wasn’t and that made for a great distraction scare. From that point on he kept showing up in various rooms all throughout the haunt, which creeped me out so badly. The most he ever did was walk across the room at us, but that was scary enough. It creeps me out to think about it now.

There were a lot of blank unfinished walls between scenes. I like some downtime, to build anticipation, but some torn bloody sheets or some kind of decor would have helped those areas build that. Other than that I just really want more detail in the rooms. Those issues didn’t detract from the experience, but it would make it that much better. I really enjoyed Nightmare City and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new experience.

Austin Metzler

Greeley is not normally known as a haunted or creepy town, unless you are terrified of your final exam at the University of Northern Colorado, or the wind blows a putrid smell your way. In recent years there was even a TV show on the Travel Channel called Making Monsters that showed a Halloween company called Distortions Unlimited. Over the years Greeley has even had some haunted houses throughout the town. Though a fun and interesting town, little do the citizens of Greeley know about what terrors lie within an unassuming abandoned shopping mall, because hidden within that building lies Nightmare City haunted house.

Nothing is more unsettling than seeing a projection of a snake eating a live mouse, which is the first thing you see when you enter Nightmare City.  Don’t let the outside of this haunt fool you there are no words to describe the terror that lies inside. Around every corner there is something to scare you in this haunt. Not only are the scares plentiful but they are interactive too. I also love the fact that this haunt has some classic horror icons too.

When you start to wonder if the actors are acting or it’s the real ghoul you are looking at you know you have a great haunted house. Scaring is not just about popping out for a quick startle scare but really creeping you out. The acting in Nightmare City in intense, their actors know how to distract and catch you when you least expect it. Everything about the characters within this haunt is great, from the makeup, masks and costumes it feels like you are walking through a nightmare. Victims are a rare sight in the haunted house industry, and Nightmare City had one of the best that I have seen this season. I loved how the actor dragged the lifeless body after us. Some of the many great talents within this haunt include the woman in the mirror, the scientist, the creepy creatures residing within the swamp and Sam, who was always following us around, waiting to kill.

Nightmare City is full of phenomenal creativity; there are some props and effects used within this haunt that blew me away. The way the rules are given is an incredibly unique and disturbing way that will definitely get your attention. The sets are incredibly detailed; each room is more impressive than the next. The fog and the strobes are also highly effective. The one thing that sets this haunt apart from the rest is the effects. There is a peppers ghost that has to be seen to be believed, I still can’t figure out how it was executed so perfectly. I also loved how perfectly timed the effect was and that most of the rooms were highly interactive, make sure you follow the rules. The length is also surprisingly long; it is amazing what they pack into such a small place.

Pros: great sets, incredibly dedicated actors, some incredibly unique props and effects

Cons: the transition hallways did not have a lot to see they were fairly blank

1742 Greeley Mall

Greeley, CO. 80631

  • $13.00 Online
  • $15.00 At The Door
October 1st – October 31st
Sunday – Thursday 7:00pm to 10:00pmFriday & Saturday 7:00pm to 11:00pm
Nightmare City
Nightmare City brings together that solid feeling of uncanny reality in a bad dream, along with a classic haunt experience where each room is different, no scare is the same. Just like nightmares, there is a feeling of disconnection and loss of control, you never know what you are walking into! The haunt features 8000 sq ft to send guests through, and is indoors for when the weather goes north! Our goal is to make haunting you with your witching-hour terrors an experience that will last a lifetime.

This is not a haunt for young children. Only age 12 and up will be admitted. Thank you for your understanding.

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