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Marlena Baker

Nightmare City has some of my favorite effects of any haunted house. Even how they handle the rules was creepy and so very unique.

The sets were awesome, though they didn’t have the latex polish of a lot of other haunts. I can’t give too much away because this haunt surprises you and that’s half the fun. I can say there are rooms you can’t leave until you do as you’re told, and the interaction that I got out of the haunt was crazy good. It really elevated the experience to have to engage with my surroundings. I loved that they had a pepper’s ghost. There were some great scenes, like the flesh and blood hallway and the swamp. Like I mentioned, there’s some refining to do with these sets, as far as making them look less like sets, but they’re working from a great base. It’s immersive and creepy already.

The actors came at us with a lot of intensity. One lady got really mad when we wouldn’t eat her cooking and as we walked away she was slamming pans round and even threw one. The teddy bear was a delightful surprise too, even though that isn’t usually something that will get me. I really liked how they interacted with us and with each other. There were some great victims in this haunt.

Nightmare City does a lot of cool things. Even their line entertainment was done in a really cool way. They found some seriously unsettling videos for it too. If you’re up north, you should check it out.


Austin Metzler

Greeley…when one thinks of this town they are either thinking of the college or the infamous smell, but probably not a haunted house. Well, tucked away in the corner of a neighborhood strip mall lies one of the most unique haunts in Colorado, Nightmare City.  Pulling up to this haunt it doesn’t seem too frightening, spooky music and a ticket booth with some unique items for sale. The second you enter the line and see disturbing videos playing on old t.v.s you know that something is not right. Hidden behind these walls lies a haunt with a lot of heart and some fantastic surprises.

From the second you enter the screams start. Throughout your journey you will find incredible scares from start to finish. Nightmare City has some of the best, most unique effects and scare tactics that I have seen.  There were quite a few times the haunt got a jump out of me.  I especially loved their take on some popular urban legends.  Everyone young and old will find something to scream about in this dominion.

When entering this haunt you immediately see great sets.  Each one is unique and demented.  Even though there is not one particular theme, everything flows into one perfect nightmare.  The way the rules are given is one of the greatest ideas I have seen for a haunt, and to make one of the members of your group dread their journey.  The rooms are just so great in this haunt, from the urban legend scene, to the best peppers ghost that I have ever seen, to a fleshy nightmare.  I also love how the actors blend into the scenes.

The varied actors in this haunt do a fantastic job of delivering scares.  From the second you are greeted at the door they stay in character and are ready to scare.  They do a great job of spacing groups.  Some of the stand outs were the kid in the bedroom, creepy hidden creatures and the hidden monster that scared me to death.  Also I loved how the actors followed us and came out of completely unexpected places. Also thank you to all the actors for making one of our critics feel welcome, they will never forget it.  The length is also great, not too long and not too short. I highly recommend this haunt to everyone, what are you waiting for Spooky Minions, go out to Greeley and get scared.

Pros: great acting and sets, the most creative rooms and effects that I have seen, great use of space

Cons: nothing I can think of

Ryan Acker

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2305 W. 27th St.  (Next to ARC Thrift Store)

Greeley, CO.

  • $13.00 Online
  • $15.00 At The Door
September 29th – October 31st

Fridays & Saturdays  7pm – 11pm

Sunday, Wednesday & Thursdays – October 1st – 29th  7pm -10pm

Monday & Tuesdays – October 23, 24 30, 31  7pm -10pm

Nightmare City
Nightmare City brings together that solid feeling of uncanny reality in a bad dream, along with a classic haunt experience where each room is different, no scare is the same. Just like nightmares, there is a feeling of disconnection and loss of control, you never know what you are walking into! The haunt features 8000 sq ft to send guests through, and is indoors for when the weather goes north! Our goal is to make haunting you with your witching-hour terrors an experience that will last a lifetime.

This is not a haunt for young children. Only age 12 and up will be admitted. Thank you for your understanding.

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