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Marlena | Austin

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Marlena Baker

No Vacancy is a new haunt at Elitche’s Fear Fest with a hotel theme. The new theme comes with a lot of really cool scenes and they got some great scares on us.

The theme was carried through the sets all the way. Nothing major seemed out of place or broke the illusion. For that matter there were some great details that really helped sell it. I loved the elevators. They had really great effects that made the scene. When we walked through a hallway with room doors there was some creepy music playing. We explored all over the hotel from the laundry room to the attic. There were a lot of good scares throughout. They had some scenes that we only saw through windows, which actually worked really well. By having us come up to the glass they made a great scare opportunity.

The actors did a really good job too. They had good hiding spots and a few that even hid in plain sight. They blended in with the props and in the attic I really thought some of the props were actors, which left me on edge the whole time. There was one actress that was pulled into a bed and that was a fantastic victim scene. The intensity was high with all of them. I had a few good interactions as well, but my chance to see some of the great scenes with the actors was limited by the group size.

My only major complaint about this haunt is that they send too many people through at once. We went through in a group of about eight, and while some scenes, like the one with the girl and the bed, seemed to be set up with this in mind, there were a number of things that I only got to experience by the reactions of the people in front of me. By the time I passed through the room, the scene was over. The beginning as well, the actor said something to the group, but I’m not sure if it was the rules or a set up. I was too far away to hear him. If they need to send through these large groups then more thought needs to go into setting up the scares to hit the whole group.

Overall it was great haunt, though. Easily one of my favorite Fright Fest haunts in years. They’ve set up a very neat themed haunt and committed to it. The atmosphere through makes it easy to get caught up in the experience while the details sell it. I had a great time.

Austin Metzler

Among the many frightful offerings of Elitche’s Fright Fest lies No Vacancy, a brand new haunted house hidden within the theater. For many years this space has been used for different haunted houses, including the famous Brutal Planet haunted house. This year the theater has a brilliantly designed haunted house themed to an old hotel, and it is without a doubt one of the best haunted houses that Elitche’s has ever had. Make sure you make your reservation soon, they are dying to have you stay!

Every inch of No Vacancy is filled with spooky details. The sights, sounds and touch adds to the fright factor. You never know what creepy creature or nightmarish sight lies beyond the next corner. The actors within this haunted house know exactly when to pounce, yet there is also time to catch your breath and wonder where the next scare is coming from. This haunt will definitely get your heart racing.

The acting for this haunted house is also really good, every actor stayed in character, even when we wandered down the wrong path. Even the actor that was going over the rules did a great job of setting up the story. Wandering throughout the haunted house the acting got more and more intense, it was like the hotel staff was getting more and more crazy. The makeup was also really good, and there were no makeup or costumes that did not fit the theme. The ways the actors scared us was with some really creative ideas, I especially liked the elevator room and the bungee scare.

The sets throughout this haunted house are incredibly detailed, it’s like you are walking through a creepy old hotel. I loved the check in desk, and especially liked the fact that you went up and down stairs. The attic scene was especially beautiful, I was afraid to continue onward. The floor even interacts with you during your journey. The lighting is also perfect and I liked that it helped guide your attention. Some of the props are incredibly disturbing and make sure you look into the other rooms of this hotel; there are some great surprises to be seen. The length is also great considering the size of the building used. I highly recommend checking out this haunted house, they are waiting for you to stay the night.

Pros: great theme and sets, great acting, great use of space, great job!

Cons: no big ending, it just ends, the groups caught up with us, maybe longer spacing

2000 Elitch Circle

Denver, CO. 80204

September 30th – October 30th  (Weekends only)

Fridays 6-10pm

Saturdays 5-10pm

Sundays 5-9pm

Elitch Gardens Fright Fest


Where Check Out Time is Never

Prepare yourself for this all-new haunted attraction! Explore the nightmarish inn where creatures lurk around every turn and the building comes alive with terror! See if you have what it takes to escape this insidious hotel alive.

Located in the Trocadero Theatre. Haunted Attractions Open at 6 PM. This is an extra charge attraction. 

Fright By Night haunted attractions are recommended for ages 12 and older.

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