Reapers Hollow 2017

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11321 Dransfeldt Road
Parker, CO. 80134
  • $20 Both Haunts

Sept 30th

October  6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 & 31st

7pm – 10pm All Nights

Reapers Hollow

Reapers Hollow

As you approach an old, dilapidated shack in the cornfield, your heart rate starts to increase. There is a dim light on in an upper window and you catch a glimpse of a shadow. Someone or something is lurking up there. As you get closer it feels as if the corn is closing in around you and you are being forced towards the front door. Will you be brave enough to enter the shack and survive over a half mile trek through the ghoulish cornfield and terrifying woods?

NEW! Dead End Motel, 2nd Haunted Attraction

While visiting Reapers Hollow come stay at the recently renovated and modernized, family owned and operated Dead End Motel. Our unique staff can attend to any of your requests to make your stay dreadfully entertaining. Some of our amenities include but not limited to; spacious cabins, swimming/fishing pond and of course, peace and quiet. We hope you stay with us and your experience is a memorable one!