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Marlena | Austin

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Marlena Baker

Seance is a haunted show at Fear Fest with interactive elements. The whole setup is pretty cool. Even if you’re in the bleachers you won’t be left out, but I’m going to keep this pretty vague because the real joy of the show is the surprise.

The set is really well built and detailed. Due to the fact that we’re looking at one set for the entire time they had to put everything they wanted us to see in that one set, and the effects that they manage are really good. They use them really well to do some unexpected things, and they weren’t limited to the stage. There were only two actors, but they both did a really good job. They built the scene really well, providing great context for all the weird things that happened.

The Terrortories are a fun addition to the Fear Fest experience. There’s some creepy scenes spread out throughout Elitche’s. There was a butcher shop scene that I really liked, with smells and all. The sets were well done and the actors we saw were doing a great job scaring people. I did expect more actors wandering the park, however. Once we got past the entrance we really didn’t see anyone except one at the butcher shop. I would have loved to see one of the serial killers they had signs for wandering around.

Overall these attractions were fun. Seance is a very fun show and I really only have one suggestion. The music volume was much too high. Even though the actor had a mic, his sound was really hard to hear over the music. Once the show starts it really needs to be turned down so that the audience can hear him better and get the whole experience.

Austin Metzler

Elitch Gardens, a theme park located in Denver Colorado that has been thrilling families for generations. Every October the fun family park takes on a more sinister feel when Fright Fest descends upon the park. Filled with creepy characters, thick fog and the screams of victims echo throughout the rides. Even before the frights begin guests can shoot ghosts on Ghost Blasters, a very fun shooting dark ride. Throughout the park there are themed TerrorTories that are filled with frightening details that will frighten and thrill. From deranged killers to chainsaw wielding maniacs you never know who you will find. There are many frightful experiences throughout the park.

Séance is a unique experience, instead of walking through a haunted house you see a professional production that is a frightening sight to see. The scares come quick and in unexpected places, with some unique startles that you never see coming. I love the complete story that this haunted experience offers. Make sure to allow yourself to be fully immersed in the experience, you will not regret it.

The acting in Séance is exceptional; each character is fully into their rows. This is a professional theatrical production, and the talent has their roles nailed. The main character does a great job of setting up the plot of this attraction and he is completely believable. The actors also have their scares perfectly timed for maximum efficiency. I also loved the fact that this attraction directly incorporates members of the audience.

The set of Séance, even though it is in one room has beautiful detail. Everything in Séance comes alive throughout the experience. There are some perfectly timed effects and some are some classic but unique effects that are rare to see. Even the seats within this attraction play a big role in the experience. There are sights, sounds and effects that will be something you will be talking to your friends about for days to come. This is also a fairly long show, the length is perfect and this show does not last longer than it should.

Pros: Great sets and effects, very phenomenal acting, they really get into their roles, love the interaction with the crowd

Cons: no signal to the audience that the experience is over

2000 Elitch Circle

Denver, CO. 80204

September 30th – October 30th  (Weekends only)

Fridays 6-10pm

Saturdays 5-10pm

Sundays 5-9pm

Elitch Gardens Fright Fest

This fully immersive haunted experience blends chilling live performance, intense physical effects and unexpected audience participation.  In this multi-sensory experience, guests are thrust into the action as a simple ghost story comes to life! Can you keep a secret?

Located in the Water Park. shows start at 5 PM.This is an extra charge attraction.

Fright By Night haunted attractions are recommended for ages 12 and older.

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