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Marlena Baker

Seance was a great show. It isn’t a haunt in the usual sense. You won’t be walking twisting hallways here. The audience sits in bleachers, for the most part. It’s got a lot of great scares, and I enjoyed the performance a lot.

They’ve got a great set. It’s intimate, but they have hidden a bunch of effects into it. The space is used really well to sell the experience to everyone in the audience. I’m hesitant to say too much, because going into the show blind is definitely recommended.

The thing about Seance is it really only has two actors. The one you’ll see the most of led the show, giving us context and setting the atmosphere for the show. This time we got a lot more context, which I loved. It tied the show together much better than in years past. The other actor brought a lot of the intensity to the show. They managed that really well, sometimes operating in pitch dark. It was really freaky finding them in a new spot when the lights came on.

Seance is a personal favorite because it’s so different, and this year was better than ever. I have two minor issues, both of which are informed by my past experiences with the haunt. The effect in the closet was not very obvious. I could not see the professor, and really only knew what was going on because I’d seen the show before. Some more transitions to make it more obvious would have been beneficial. Second, the ending. The employee who was managing the line just came in and pointed us towards the exit. It was jarring, and I’d loved a better ending transition.

In addition to the haunts, Elitches has decorated the park for Halloween. It’s mostly a series of sets, though there are some neat elements, like turning the water red. I liked the trees out in the water too. The bats were neat. There were also actors wandering the park, adding some scares. I didn’t see many of them, but they were pretty damn intense.


Austin Metzler

Hidden deep within the water park of Elitches sits a experience unlike any other in Colorado.  Hidden within a normal looking building is one intense theater production.  Nothing is more fun than a theme park that transforms into a scream park at night.  The screams coming from inside are just a hint of the terrors that await you.

The scares inside Séance come fast and furious at one point, but what is great about this experience is the ambiance.  From the moment you enter you are transported into another world. The attention to detail is astounding. Everywhere you look there is something intriguing to see. When you enter with your group and see theme park patrons sitting around a circular table you know this is not going to be a normal séance.  The acting is very well done, it is amazing how believable the characters are and their scripts are well memorized.  You forget they are acting as they pull you into their world.  I also love how the actors interact with the audience.  The costumes are also very well done and believable.

Props and effects are the main part of this experience. Throughout the experience there is an eerie and fantastic soundtrack playing in the background. Fog, lighting and wind also intensify the experience, your seats even pack a few surprises.  I also love the peppers ghost effect, it is used perfectly.  I don’t want to explain into more detail because I fear it would ruin the experience, but I will say that it is like being in the middle of a movie.  The production is also a great length.  I recommend Séance to anyone who wants to escape reality for a while.

Pros: great acting, great use of effects, theater quality

Cons: soundtrack can get a little loud, waiting for the full group can take a while


Ryan Acker

Seance, located in Elitch Gardens, is more of a thrilling live action attraction you’d find at Universal Studios rather than Haunted House, and I loved every minute of it. It’s hard to write much without giving anything away, but I’ll try my best. Their production had me on the tip of my toes the entire time! You and 25 fellow souls are gathered and lined up on bleachers facing a decrepit room. Before entering the room, we were informed the spirits speak better through children, so 4 volunteers under the age of 10 sat around a table in the center of the room.
From here, the acting, story line, special effects, etc. were all so well done they had my heart racing the entire time. The subtle shifting of lights set the mood throughout the paranormalists’ story, and what came next. My one spoiler alert: he actually had the kids playing with a Ouija board, I was so nervous for them! 4-D effects were used to interact with the crowd and tied the entire experience together. My only wish is that Seance lasted longer, but they made good use of the time that was given! While this is a relatively short review, I hope it expresses the excitement I felt during this, it’s like a horror movie came to life! If you go to Elitch Gardens this October, you need to check out Seance!

Pros: Acting, script, effects, lighting, overall making me feel I was at a actual seance.

Cons: On the short side.

2000 Elitch Circle

Denver, CO. 80204

September 29th – October 29th  (Weekends only)Fridays 6-10pm

Saturdays 5-10pm

Sundays 5-9pm

Elitch Gardens Fright Fest

This fully immersive haunted experience blends chilling live performance, intense physical effects and unexpected audience participation.  In this multi-sensory experience, guests are thrust into the action as a simple ghost story comes to life! Can you keep a secret?

Located in the Water Park. shows start at 5 PM.This is an extra charge attraction.

Fright By Night haunted attractions are recommended for ages 12 and older.

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