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Marlena Baker

For all of you looking around, missing Ghoul’s Gulch and Sanitarium, fear not. Sinister has all the great bones of those haunts along with a new structure and some killer upgrades.

The sets will look familiar for fans of these haunts, but also different enough to bring some new thrills to the experience. The effects are spot on, and kept us on our toes as we moved from room to room. One in particular, which I won’t spoil, made me stop and stare. Definitely going to get some screams out of that one. There was a good variety of scenes, too. Since the sets have been combined into one big haunt, you go straight from hillbilly nightmare into the hospital lobby thinking that maybe that is the right place for you. The decent into madness from there is well orchestrated and fun if terrifying.

The actors brought a lot to the experience. They all had great lines, and interacted with us and each other well. I loved the ones at the entrance to the house. Their dialogue was solid, and the conversation they had around us was entertaining as well as foreboding. The receptionist was fantastic. Having a scene across for that transition was a great move. Also need to shout out to the nurse in the hellevator. She was a lot of fun. The clowns were really owning their roles. It was insanity in that section of the haunt.

I enjoyed going through Sinister a lot. There’s great things going on. I only have one complaint. The line entertainment had a dj, which I find doesn’t really put me in the right mindset for the haunt. I understand the need for line entertainment, but I also heard the music as we went through the haunt. It broke my immersion for a couple of rooms. It other than that, it was a fantastic haunt.

Austin Metzler

Nestled inside an abandoned mall in Colorado Springs lies a haunt that will make you believe in true terror. Don’t let the plain exterior fool you, it does an excellent job hiding the terrors within. Brand new for this year and from the evil masterminds of Hellscream comes Sinister, and it is a ride for all of your senses. Prepare yourself for Sinister.

One thing that comes to anyone’s mind when it comes to haunted attractions is, is it scary? Sinister is intense and firing on all cylinders. From the moment you enter Sinister the intensity level is through the roof. Every corner you sneak around there is something to chill you to the core. Not only are the scares from eye level but they happen above and even below you. Throughout the whole experience your hair stands on end, not just from the props but the phenomenal actors that call Sinister home.

One of the many things that separate Sinister from the pack is the attention to detail. Every room and space you enter is full of so many interesting things to see, some are completely unexpected. The sets are also outstanding, and even though they are many different scenes, some great examples are the house and the swamp in the first half of the haunt. After a brief escape things get a little crazy. I’m normally not a big fan of 3=D houses but this one is something special.

Sinister haunted house feels and looks real, every corner you creep around there are some truly fantastic sets to behold. Even though the themes are different they flow together seamlessly. Even the nooks and crannies of Sinister are filled with some of that creepy Hellscream attention to detail. This haunt has some of the best animatronics that I have come across, from the creepy and slithery inhabitants of the swamp to the patients; there is always something to watch. Even some of the simpler effects are used perfectly within this haunt Walking through it’s easy to forget you’re in an attraction, you believe you are in a real place. There are also some surprisingly tight spaces to navigate as well. Lighting is also something that is important to every haunt, too much and you can see the scares coming, too dark and you cannot see the details. The lighting for sinister is perfect, and the strobes are timed very well. Some of the props that the actors use are simple but effective. Walking through this experience there are no Halloween store masks, all of the masks and makeup are phenomenal, I especially loved the 3D makeup and the attention to minute details.

Haunts are nothing without a talented group of actors, and Sinister is chock full of minions. From the second you enter you are bombarded by a wide variety of demonic characters. Every actor had a fleshed out persona and interacted with you, replying completely in character, no matter what you said. Walking through, not one actor was out of character. There were so many phenomenal performances it is hard to pick a few of my favorites, every character is so unique. The length of this haunt is also perfect; you definitely get your bang for your buck. Overall I highly recommend the drive to Colorado Springs to visit Sinister and while you’re there give their sister haunt Hellscream a visit too. The veil has lifted, go forth and get frightened this season.

Pros: great acting, amazing sets, unique payout and props

Cons: some triggers were visible on the floor

Ryan Acker

Previously known as Ghouls Gulch and Sanitarium 3-D, Sinister Haunted House sits lurking in a deserted strip mall in eastern Colorado Springs, CO. Walking up to this haunt, I wasn’t really expecting much from it. I was always taught never to judge a book by it’s cover, and this is a prime example why you shouldn’t. Once inside, the small ticketing area still didn’t leave much to the imagination. Once you snag your ticket, the magic begins. At this moment, all those preconceived thoughts melted away as you begin to walk around this deceptively large building.
The queue line is set up on the opposite end of the haunt and features a bumping DJ, a clown on a unicycle, and a hula-hoopist to keep the crowd entertained while you wait. It’s a good idea for those nights with a long wait, however once inside the haunt I was getting down to Crack Dat by Soulja Boy instead of taking in my grim surroundings. Thankfully, the music only bled through for a short period in the beginning and the full experience was one to behold. If there was one note of criticism I have for this haunt, it’s to relocate the line or turn off the DJ. The sets instantly transported you into a different world. Every detail was taken into consideration down to fireflies buzzing outside of an old home. Props and animatronics were blended into their environment perfectly and everything seemed in its place. This haunt had not one, but two animatronics that managed to scare me. One prop manages to actually engulf you!
The last section of the haunt transports you to a neon 3D world where clowns run rampant around you, even popping out through the walls and floor. The artwork throughout this portion was beautifully done and even featured a merry go round, hold on tight!
Just as beautiful as their sets are, were their actors masks and makeup. I stopped and stared at a cryogenic prop only to have it come to life and walk towards me. Him along with many others had such grotesque makeup I wish I could have stopped and really examined each one. Behind the makeup, the actors were not as interactive and involved as their sister haunt, Hellscream. Multiple get outs, snarls, and screams seemed to be the normality. There were some gems that stood out, a psychic fortune teller and her ghostly friend, and a delightful tribal woman who pick pocketed me.
Sinister did an outstanding job for their first year. Starting with the bones of Ghouls Gulch and Sanitarium 3-D, they used their Hellscream touch to create a fantastic haunt.

Pros: Sets and details were well thought out and worked perfectly in each space. Masks and makeup were gorgeous throughout.

Cons: Music bled inside the haunt. Acting were good but could use more personality

3910 Palmer Park Blvd.

Colorado Springs, CO.

  • $20 General Admission, $26 VIP – Sunday – Thursday
  • $22 General Admission, $28 VIP – Friday & Saturday
  • $36 General Admission Combo to Sinister & Hellscream!
  • $48 VIP Combo to Sinister & Hellscream!
  • See site for additional ticketing options.
September 22nd – November 4thSeptember 22, 29  7pm – 10pm    September 23, 30  7pm -11pm

October 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, 19, 22, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31    7pm – 10pm

October 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28   7pm – 11pm

November 3-4 Blackout  7pm – 10pm

Sinister Haunted House

“Sinister” to open its doors to the public for the first time ever!

-by Theadore Kerkowski

Something curious is happening this year at the infamous “Sinister” complex located at 3910 Palmer Park here in Colorado Springs. Whether the proprietors are using the rich local folklore to generate revenue or a more devious plan is coming to fruition is unknown, however the rumors are true: “Sinister” will be opening its doors (for those who pay admission) temporarily re-branding as a “Haunted Attraction” beginning September 22nd, 2017. Since its establishment June 5th of 1982, “Sinister” has been, without question, the most controversial and secretive organization in the western United States, perhaps the western hemisphere.
The Inneas House, a boarding home for “The Hurt, Helpless, and Homeless” (as their famous hand scrawled sign indicates) and a medical facility only known as “The Sanitarium” (supposedly aimed at the mental and physical recovery of their patients) make up the complex commonly referred to as “Sinister”. The unofficial name itself is thought to be derived from organizations’ elusive founder Sid Inneas Nash (aka S.I.N.). Although little is known about the establishment, several instances over the past few decades have cast a dark shadow and caused mass speculation regarding the businesses true nature. Before running out to buy tickets, here are a few facts you should probably know:

  1. The Inneas House and Sanitarium are privately funded. With the exception of the initial building plans and an safety audit by the local insurance adjuster, there has been no government oversight since 1982.
  2. The aforementioned insurance inspection was performed by auditor Hershel Bradley. Bradley was approached by local law enforcement to devise a plan to gain legal access to the complex in an effort to confirm or deny allegations of “Sinisters” role in several missing persons cases. Bradley, with assistance from CSPD set up hidden cameras outside the facility to monitor patient flow. Allegedly (although the evidence is now missing) they observed high levels of patient intake, but zero exiting over the course of many weeks. Using simple mathematics Bradley purposed getting a warrant to inspect the premises based on the occupancy being higher than city code allowed for. Witnesses at the time of the inspection stated that Bradley entered the facility at 9:46 am August 7th, 1996 and exited at 4:34 pm the same day. Bradley’s statement at the time was identical to his official written report: “My calculations regarding the occupancy of this facility were inaccurate. Mr. Nash is a beacon of hope to this city and a highly valued citizen of our community. No further investigation is required”.
  3. Insurance adjuster Hershel Bradley died seven days later, August 14th 1996 from a massive heart attack. He was 31 years old.
  4. Only one confirmed patient of “Sinister” has ever left the facility. This patient’s name has never been made public as per their request. Allegedly the patient removed a letter from the desk of S.I.N. moments prior to their departure June 6th, 2006 (which some refer to as “the escape”). This letter was at the time, and still remains highly controversial due to its composition. DNA evidence has proven that the letter, in its entirely, was written in human blood; this blood had been collected from a minimum of thirteen different sources none of which appeared in any government database. As the volume of blood was very small and sources could not be questioned regarding the nature of the collection process, foul play could not be proven and no charges were ever filed. The following is a transcription of the letter still on file with the CSPD. Hoax or not; you decide.

The Letter:
June 6th 2006
My Lord Valak,
I, your humble and eternal servant, write to you this day as you requested so long ago to speak of the state of affairs here in the mortal realm. I have followed your instructions to the letter. The Manor was rebuilt brick by brick, exactly as you instructed, aside the old asylum. They come to us now…no need to seek them out…just as you said they would. Through compassion and conditioning I break them…one by one…for you. For decades now we have tediously prepared the souls for their long journey to join you…to empower you. Soon will be your time to join us…here. As planned, one last mass collection is yet to transpire…eleven years more will seem like an eternity.
Awaiting your return
Your servant,
Sid Inneas Nash

In summation to my readers, regardless of the evidence behind “Sinister” and its history, I for one am ready to know the truth…whatever the cost. I hope you will join me in September to put this mystery to bed, once and for all.


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