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Marlena Baker

Terror in the Corn started with a stroll through a cemetery, followed by one of the most nerve wracking wagon rides I’ve ever been on. After being herded onto a wagon that is completely covered we were driven out to who knows where. Then it gets really creepy.

We were dropped off at a crematorium with just the most delightful crazy woman. She was a great help and got us out into a corn field full of wolves and more crazy people. There was one in particular that was running at us through the corn at full speed. He was there, then gone, then we’d hear the rustling of the corn and he’d pop back out. It worked so well since he could come from just about anywhere, and the sound of him running helped build the apprehension. The whole section built up the atmosphere for our entrance to the town proper.

The hotel was nice and unsettling. I especially liked the lighting in there, the shadow of the slats from the run down ceiling was super atmospheric. The whole town followed in that vein. They did a great job really making it feel like an old run down town. The sets were detailed and creepy, while the structure of it made it feel expansive, just like a real town. It was incredibly immersive to see an area I had been to, reminding me that it was all connected, and the barriers between scenes were very natural. It was also nice to see buildings from multiple angles and see the interior was real. Some of my other favorite set pieces included: the entrails, the bloody sheets, and the doctor’s workshop.

The actors really helped build the atmosphere as well. We had to play the ‘Is that an actor or a prop?’ game all throughout the haunt and were often wrong, which led to some amazing scares. I was especially impressed by the doll faced girl. The actors engaged with us really well and I didn’t hear many ‘get out’ lines or any other odd lines. They all seemed to have a character, and they would talk to us in those roles. The bar keep was one of my favorites, and a great way to transition us into the town. She transitioned between just a helpful person and crazy babble seamlessly, leaving us unsure of her motives.

There are a few minor areas of improvement for this haunt, namely that there were some dead spots that felt like they needed a bit more to them. An actor or two, or just some sound effects to help build up the atmosphere would have helped. It didn’t really pull me out of the immersion, but they didn’t do much to elevate the experience for me, either. It was still one hell of a haunt, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something immersive and spooky.

In addition to the haunt we got to go for a round of their Zombie Paintball Hunt. It was a lot of fun, as always, but even longer this year. It’s incredibly satisfying to shoot the zombies, who did a great job falling for that extra satisfaction of getting a kill. The scenes were varied as well. The different targets we were given kept it interesting all throughout.

Austin Metzler

Far away from any town, hidden on a creepy back road lies Anderson Farms. By day this is a place for families to enjoy the activities on a working farm and to enjoy a journey through a corn maze.  As soon as the sun sets the farm takes on a more sinister look as Terror in the Corn takes over. Pulling into the parking lot you can already see the fog rising into the chilly night air. Both the Zombie Paintball tractor ride and Terror in the Corn await you.

The Zombie Paintball experience is an incredibly fun experience. You sit on a tractor bed and shoot glow in the dark paint balls at targets and actors that are hidden in the corn. There is also intense music to ramp up the experience. Remember head shots only and don’t forget to double tap, I skipped the cardio. I highly recommend this fun and unique experience.

Terror in the corn is intense and creepy; you never know what is waiting behind the next corner. The timing of the scares throughout the haunt is perfect, just when you think your safe you’re hit with another scare. From the moment you enter the line the intensity builds. There is also a unique new twist on the tractor ride; if you have never experienced Terror in the Corn before, I will not give it away, you’ll have to see it for yourselves.

The creatures that inhabit this haunt have some unique tricks up their sleeves. From the second you leave the safety of the farm the actors are out to make you scream.  Throughout the haunt creatures emerge from every nook and cranny a creature can materialize from. I also loved that every actor stayed in character and said unique phrases.

The sets within Terror in the Corn are astounding. I absolutely love navigating through the ghost town. This haunt uses some of the most amazing sets I have seen this season, I especially love what happens in the saloon, it has to be seen to be believed. The sounds throughout are also perfectly timed. There are some authentic props throughout your journey as well as some disturbing swinging props as well. I also love how close the animatronics come to you. The strobes are timed well, keeping you disoriented. The length of this haunt is also perfect, when you exit you do not feel as though it was too short or too long . I definitely recommend visiting Terror in the Corn this year; it is an intense haunt with some great ideas and beautifully haunting sets. There are also a lot of new things to see and experience this year.

Pros: loved the acting throughout, loved the incredibly unique sets and props, loved how well used the space is

Cons: some of the areas were lacking in actors

6278 County Rd 3 1/4

Erie, CO. 80516

  • $22 Terror In The Corn OR Zombie Paintball (Except October 9, 16, 23rd)
  • $40 Terror In The Corn & Zombie Paintball Combo (Except October 9, 16, 23rd)
  • $25 Terror In The Corn OR Zombie Paintball (October 9, 16, 23rd ONLY)
  • $45 Terror In The Corn & Zombie Paintball Combo (October 9, 16, 23rd ONLY)
September 23rd – October 9th

Fridays & Saturdays 7pm – 11pm

Sundays 7pm – 10pm

October 13th – October 30th

Fridays & Saturdays 7pm – 11pm

Thursdays & Sundays 7pm – 10pm

Anderson Farms

Terror in the Corn is Colorado’s only Haunted Hayride & Ghost Town experience.

As the tractor drawn wagon heads deeper into the night, through the unforgiving cornfield, you will encounter many ghoulish creatures of the night that will give you spine tingling chills. Once entering the rickety wooden walls of a deserted ghost town, there is no turning back. You will be screaming with fright and wanting more.

Go inside… if you dare…

Where Halloween & Paintball Meet!

 The Zombie Apocalypse has come to Anderson Farms. Help save the farm by joining the “hunt.” Each zombie-hunting wagon is specially equipped with a paintball gun for each passenger. Your team will be taken to where the zombies have overrun the cornfields – it will be your job to help us keep them at bay until order can be restored to the farm.

Good shooting & enjoy the Zombiance!

  • Outside paintball equipment such as guns and paint balls are unnecessary and will not be allowed on Anderson Farms property.  All equipment needed will be provided.
  • Reservations are not needed.  This is a wagon ride similar to Terror in the Corn.
  • All guests are first come first serve.  Each wagon holds 20 people and leave at frequent intervals throughout the night.

NEW in 2016!!!! Terror in the Corn is now a timed ticketed event.  This means that Terror in the Corn will be limiting the number of people who can get in line each hour. You may get in line beginning at the time listed on your ticket.  For example, if you purchase an 8:00 pm ticket, you may get in the Terror in the Corn queue line beginning at 8:00 pm on the date listed on your ticket. The benefit to you is that you can now spend less time standing in line and more time enjoying all of the other activities available to you at the farm!  Rent a campfire, get lost in the corn maze, ride the pedal karts or grab a hot chocolate and dance with the D.J.!!

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