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Marlena Baker

Dark Side of the Abbey uses an actual old abbey building for their haunts and that makes for some interesting atmosphere. Even walking up to the building helped to work me up for the haunts.

Dark Side of the Abbey Resurrection was the haunt more like the haunts we’re used to. It’s in the basement of the abbey, which makes the space itself creepy. The sets were really cool, and they did all sorts of weird things with the space. I really loved the portal they made for the room where we found a couple of actors playing with a Ouija board. It was a nice early scene, too, because it tied in with the story we were given. There was one hallway that I thought was interesting. We walked past a couple of bedrooms that were all bloody and disheveled, but there were no actors in the rooms, no scares. It just let us know that something had happened, something horrible, and that built the anticipation as we moved forward. The theme was serial killers, and each section had a very distinct feel to it, like Lizzie Borden’s house. They built up walls for it and everything.

The actors were fantastic. They had characters with great lines and a lot of intensity. Lizzie Borden, for example, said some really creepy things to us in the most cheerful voice. It was really creepy. Another actor was climbing the walls, literally, and gave us a very good scare. They all interacted with me, too. Sweeney Todd and I had a great back and forth about my hair we we walked through his room, and when we walked into Mrs. Lovett’s shop she berated us for just passing through her shop and made a reference to the next scene. I also have to mention the actor that tried to follow us home. He followed us for a good long while. I started to think we needed to make room.

The other haunt at Dark Side of the Abbey is something very different. We were led up to the fourth floor of the abbey with pillowcases over our heads and left to find our way across the floor in pitch darkness. I can’t say too much, because the fun is finding out what’s up there, but they built up some obstacles for the path. We encountered walls, mazes, and different textures as we felt our way along the walls. While we did so there were actors making noises and messing with us. It scared me so bad, even when I knew they were there. I had no idea what noise and when, plus they would move around us. At one point we were even sprayed with water.

Overall these haunts are a very fun experience. They’re creative and something different from the normal. There’s room for polish in some of the scenes in the Resurrection section, but minimally. They gave us really great scenes and some fantastic scares.

Austin Metzler

Located right off Main Street in Canon City lies the Abbey, a massive building that was used by monks and priests that also is very haunted. During the day this building is a massive sight to behold, but in the cool Fall air under the light of a full moon the building takes on a more sinister look, especially in October. Dark side of the Abbey is a haunted house that is put on by a volunteer group, but with the attention to detail and sheer size of this haunt it is hard to believe. Walking up to this haunt is enough to make your hair stand on end as you realize that the haunted house is located within the Abbey. Waiting in line just interacting with the actors you know you are in for a night of frights.

One of the 2 haunted experiences in the Dark side of the Abbey is the Unplugged experience. Just the way you are lead blindly to this haunted house is nightmare inducing in itself. Once you arrive you are thrust into complete darkness with one task: to find your way out. What they say is true, in the darkness you are never alone while you find your way to the light. I will not reveal any of the secrets that lie within, you just have to experience it for yourself.

Dark Side of the Abbey: Resurrection is incredibly intense; it is so intense that at points I was afraid to move. Just the dank air within the Abbey is creepy in itself, but the amazing scenes that unfold before you will haunt your nightmares for days to come. The sounds from the haunt and even the old building itself add to the sinister quality of this haunt. You know you are scared when you have to creep around every corner, afraid of what might be on the other side

The acting within Dark Side of the Abbey is insane, in a good way. These actors put their heart and soul into this haunt and it shows. Even before you enter the haunt Veronica interacts with you, and even to this day I can’t tell if this was an actor or a local that just wanted to talk with the crowd. From the second you enter the haunt the actors are upon you. Whether they are just creepily by themselves at a distance like in the beautiful opening scene or coming at you with the speed of a freight train they all have a unique character that is theirs to own. One actor in particular came from a completely unexpected place that had me cowering in the corner completely petrified in fear. I also love that this haunt celebrates some of the most intense killers of history. There were so many great actors that it is hard to name and thank them all, fantastic job.

The sets in the Dark Side of the Abbey are unbelievable and they flow together perfectly. I love how you are walking through a hotel one minute and an alleyway the next. At times you even forget you are in the basement of an Abbey. The attention to detail with everything fitting the overall theme of this haunt it is astounding. The sights and sounds and even smells all come together to create an outstanding performance. The creativity is also through the roof, I loved the vortex and that you had to navigate your way through this labyrinth of nightmares. The lighting and fog was also very disorienting, and the length was also great this is a fairly long haunt. I highly recommend making the trek to Canon city to visit the Dark Side of the Abbey, and make some friends along the way.

Pros: loved the sets and theme this year, loved how intense the acting was, and liked the creativity in the blackout haunt

Cons: the entry and exit in the box was a little painful on the legs

2951 E. Highway 50

Canon City, CO. 81212

  • $15 General Admission
  • $25 General Admission Both Haunts
  • $45 VIP
Fridays & Saturdays in October

October 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 28-29 & 31st

7 – 11pm

The Dark Side Of The Abbey
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