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Marlena Baker

The Frightmare Compound is two haunts in one, the main haunt which is miner themed and House of Darkness, which is clown themed. They both have their strengths, but this year I think I preferred the clowns. Which is weird for me.

The main haunt was definitely the place where the sets were the star. They were fantastic. The cave was very realistic. The whole haunt was dark and dreary. It had that great run down look that really fit the mining theme. There was old machinery all over the place, and even an overturned metal windmill. There was a planet crash scene! The house was just as good, ducking into the space between walls and through unexpected passageways. I have one major complaint, though. Throughout the haunt I kept hearing dub-step mixes with spooky sounds. I am all for using sound to build atmosphere and immersion, but you know what happens when I hear the subs drop? I am immediately reminded that I am in a production. Are the zombie miners dropping a mix tape? I just can’t stay in the mindset to be scared when it sounds like I’m walking into a rave.

The actors did try for the scares, too. They had some great hiding spots. The intensity varied, but that makes sense for the dead miners. They were all very on theme, and the talkative ones had great roles. In House of Darkness the actors really stole the show. They were the best crazy clowns I’ve ever seen, popping in and out of the smoke everywhere. The scares I got from them were constant and intense.

Frightmare was a mixed bag for me. There’s so much I love about it, but it was hard to stay in the haunt setting every time I heard that music. Without it, it would have been an amazing experience.

Austin Metzler

As one of the oldest haunts in Colorado, The Frightmare Compound has a lot to offer.  When driving up to the haunt you can see the fog oozing out of the compound.  The Frightmare Compound consists of two separate haunts, Frightmare and House of Darkness, each offering their own unique theme and scares.  So enter if you dare to a creepy journey you will not soon forget.

Frightmare compound is chock full of thrills and chills. Every corner you turn something is out to get you. Creepy noises come out of the darkness and a eerie soundtrack plays throughout the experience. If claustrophobia is one of your biggest fears, then Frightmare has some surprises for you. Sights, sounds and even smells come together in perfect frightening harmony. House of darkness relies on almost complete sensory overload, completely disorienting you. Strobe lights are timed just right to conceal the scares until the right moment.  Both haunts pack a one two punch that will keep your heart racing.

One of the things The Frightmare Compound is well know for is their sets. From the moment you enter the sets flow seamlessly together, all fitting into an old mining theme. Almost all of the sets and props are authentic, movie quality, it seems like they have been there for generations. I absolutely love how this haunt has so many different levels, you traverse up, down and even under mine shafts and structures throughout the walk through.  Props, some of them absolutely massive in scope, litter the area. The crash site for example is especially impressive.  Make sure to look at every corner in the haunt, there are some incredibly disturbing details to soak up.

House of darkness is a fog filled nightmarish world that plays tricks on your mind. The props and sets are not as elaborate as Frightmare, but just fun.

Great haunts are nothing without great actors and The Frightmare Compound is packed with them.  From the first actor at the door to the finale of House of Darkness, you are never too far away from a fiend.  Every creepy creature that I encountered had their own fleshed out character that responded in character to everything we said. I especially liked how the talent interacted with each other giving great bounce scares. Each characters’ costume and makeup fit seamlessly with the scene, the makeup was spot on. The use of props by the actors is very creative and they also have some great hiding spots. House of Darkness is packed with extremely energetic clowns with demented makeup and costumes. The length of both haunts are great, you definitely get your moneys worth.  I recommend visiting The Frightmare Compound if you want a great haunt experience.

Pros: beautiful sets, great actors and makeup, unique props

Cons: you could hear the DJ in the haunt, not a fan of dub-step in a haunt

Ryan Acker

The Frightmare Compound has been a gem in the Colorado haunt scene since 1983, and rightfully so. Frightmare was the first haunted house I ever went to 7 years ago! Their facility is so natural and unlike any haunt in Colorado. I’ve watched them grow and improve in so many ways, going through in awe wondering how they so vastly change the layout every year, but you wouldn’t even notice if it was your first time. Each set is beautifully designed throughout the entire haunt, offering little to no dead space at any time walking through. You are literally walking through this old mining town, exploring mysterious plane crashes, downed windmills, and creepy caves.

While Frightmares sets are always top notch, their acting this year seemed to be the weakest I’ve seen. Many actors just enjoyed banging around their mining tools and yelling at us to keep moving. Throughout our walk through, not many actors seemed to stand apart from the rest. Many of the best scares came from unexpected spots they were hiding in. When we approached the house towards the end of the compound, we found where the real twisted souls were hiding. The actresses inside the house in the basement and upstairs were the best in the entire haunt.

When we ventured outside of the house we began our journey inside House of Darkness, where clowns have overrun the Frightmare Compound and set up their circus. The sets and acting are essentially flipped for this second haunt installment. Actors throughout the haunt were wild and crazy, using the fog and strobes to their advantage, taunting us throughout and ensuring that we would stay and play. The sets were not so much sets as much as long, painted hallways. They did add some disorienting effects to their painting, but even with the average plywood wall build and pumping the place with fog, the sheer charisma of the actors really brought this house more alive then Frightmare.

I believe that if they merge the set building magic of Frightmare with the vigor of the actors inside House of Darkness, they could take the Compound to a whole new level of intensity that rivals many haunts. Until then, I will soak up all the beauty inside the Frightmare and wait until next year to see how they are able to outdo themselves on their designs once again.

Pros: Sets and design were amazing and Disney-esque throughout Frightmare, could do better in House of Darkness.

Cons: Acting was sub par throughout Frightmare, amazing in House of Darkness.

108th Ave & Old Wadsworth (Southwest corner)
Westminster, CO.
  • $25.99 General Admission Sunday – Thursday
  • $27.99 Friday & Saturday
  • $25.99 Lights Out – November 4th & 5th
  • Additional Ticketing Here: Tickets
September 29th – October 31st

Sunday – Thursday  7pm – 10pm

Friday & Saturday 7pm – Midnight

Lights Out – Novemeber 4th & 5th

7pm – Midnight



What makes the Frightmare Compound’s haunted attractions of Colorado so paralyzing is Brad Holder’s spirit occupying the land. We go beyond the typical horror attractions that Denver residents see as our home is the oldest Halloween haunted attraction in the Denver and Westminster area. Buried just beneath is Brad Holder, the person who made its haunting happen. In the following years, millions of dollars were invested in keeping this haunted attraction the most intense Halloween horror attraction in Colorado! The national attention brought from this Westminster built horror house has drawn millions of attendees over the years.

Seep your way into the haunted horror attractions that service the community of the Denver, Colorado area! Find yourself trapped in the catacombs of our terrifyingly old and rickety home base. No other Halloween haunted attractions can compare to the rich background of The Frightmare Compound. We’ve spent several years making sure that your experience here with us leaves you haunted and unable to sleep sound until next Halloween! The Frightmare Compound’s scary Halloween attraction serves Broomfield, Denver, Westminster and all of Colorado. Our property is as haunted as they come and we look forward to watching you attempt the maze of horror!


The Frightmare Compound hosts a new level of haunted attraction made specifically for our Denver, Colorado community. Don’t expect our scary Halloween clown attraction to make it any easier to get over the uncomfortable energy that clowns bring, but you can expect to become part of the circus. The communal hatred for clowns became part of history when Poppy Sycamore, director of a proud circus, grew mentally ill and massacred an entire tent of people. As he began chopping off limbs and lopping off heads it was known to be the bloodiest massacre of that time. Even children, who are supposed to like clowns, hate them. Try not to scare yourself while passing through our haunted clown attractions. We take measures above and beyond to create the perfect clown house ambiance, attracting you by even setting it in the quiet, cold Westminster wetlands – exactly where you don’t want to be when the clowns start chasing you out of the house.


Don’t look for light switches in the home – THEY’RE ALL OFF! The Frightmare Compound invites Westminster, Denver, Broomfield and guests from all around to join us for the last weekend of the Halloween season as we turn out the lights and let you wander around in the dark. The Frightmare Compound completes all your deepest, darkest desires by tricking your mind and letting your mind do all the work. In this haunted experience, this is only for those of you who think too much light reveals too little scares. We guarantee the Lights Out experience at The Frightmare Compound will scare you beyond belief without us even having to lift a finger! With the history of the land here in Westminster, we have no doubt that this Halloween, you’ll be screaming all the way home!


As you begin your journey into the depths of The Frightmare Compound, be prepared to slide into the heart of the haunted house through catacombs and caverns, as you encounter cheery clowns and blood sucking creatures. Only to crawl out into the wet swamplands where true horror awaits. If you are lucky enough to have survived this far through the haunted house, you will then travel through the original 2-story barn where words cannot express the complete and utter fear you will experience. If you make it out alive, you have just escaped the most terrifying haunted house in Denver! Good luck!