World’s Scariest Haunted House 2016

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Austin Metzler

Nothing beats visiting a haunted house on a cool Autumn night the weekend before Halloween. Every year haunts come and go in this beautiful state, but on rare occasions, one haunt can appear out of nowhere and blow away your initial expectations. World’s Scariest Haunted House is that rare haunt. Located at Jared’s Garden & Nursery in Littleton lies World’s Scariest Haunted House. It may look like just another garden center but don’t let the location fool you, pure terror lies within.

World’s Scariest Haunted House has plenty of scares, but the great thing is that some of them are psychological. It is next to impossible to determine what is real and what is not and the whole experience plays like a nightmare. The sights and sounds blend perfectly and the breaks in scares really help to ramp up the experience. From the second you enter to the second you exit this haunt, the scares keep on coming.

The actors are really what makes this haunt shine, they are completely dedicated to their roles and their timing is phenomenal. From the moment you enter the creatures here are out for your blood. Not only do these actors have great characters and lines, but they make some of the most disturbing sounds I have ever heard. The makeup and costumes are also stunning, nothing looks store bought. Some of the great actors here are the twins, a not so jolly holiday icon, and a chainsaw character that actually made me run in terror. Also throughout your journey the timing the actors have with the strobe lights is perfect.

The sets in Worlds Scariest Haunted House are incredibly detailed, the whole time I felt like it was real life, not a haunted attraction set. Everywhere I looked there were disturbing details to see; even though there are different themes throughout they all flow seamlessly into each other. There are some great sets and scenes that I came across that were unique and unexpected, even other holidays were not safe. The use of fog effects and strobe lights throughout this haunt were also unbelievable. It is completely disorienting and the way the actors use the strobe light timing to their advantage is mind blowing! The length of World’s Scariest Haunted House is also great; it’s amazing how much they pack into the space. Also, be careful where you step, the floor has a mind of its own. I highly recommend visiting this haunted house this season. Worlds Scariest Haunted House will not disappoint.

Pros: best lighting I have seen all season, excellent cast of actors, love that visiting this haunt is a blast from the past

Cons: that this haunt is not well known

10500 W. Bowles Ave. (Jared’s Garden & Nursery)

Littleton, CO. 80127

  • $18 General Admission
  • $25 VIP
Open every night October 7th – 31st

7pm – ?

World’s Scariest Haunted House
The World’s Scariest Haunted House opened in 2014 to rejoin the haunting in Colorado. We have crept in again from the silence and are back with a terrifically horrifying haunt to satisfy all your deepest and darkest fantasies and fears.

Come join us at Jared’s Garden and Nursery located at 10500 West Bowles Ave., a 1/2 mile west of Kipling and Bowles Ave. Decades of Scares, Screams,Yells and full throttle Chain Saws have us confident that you will not leave disappointed.

Let’s see who’s strings are being pulled? Scare you soon!

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