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Marlena Baker

World’s Scariest is neat little haunt with a lot of interesting things going on. It’s just a little rough around the edges.

The sets were creative, especially the Alice in Wonderland scene and the Elvis scene. They were simple, but not plain. I especially appreciated the fact that the hallways were all decorated. There wasn’t a spot that was just black walls without something to pick up the interest. For that matter, they had hidey holes everywhere. There was no coherent theme, but I enjoyed a lot of the scenes a lot all on their own.

In addition to harassing us from all the dark corners as we walked, the actors forced us to play the prop game. Most rooms we had to walk cautiously because there was no telling what was a prop and what was an actor. Then when the actor did make their move it was with a lot of intensity. A few spots, especially in the hallways, the actors didn’t seem to have much in the way of lines. I loved the lines of the more fleshed out characters, and would have liked to see that carry over to the other characters.

 It was a fun and unexpected haunt. They use some very simple illusions very well. There’s definitely room for polish, but I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Austin Metzler

Littleton, Colorado, a nice town where there is little to do and where I grew up.  When it came to Halloween I have great memories of the haunts that called this town home.  There are many great memories of getting scared in Littleton.  What I didn’t know until recently was that one of my favorite haunts from when I was younger that was located in Golden had found its home at a garden center in Littleton. Hidden in the back of Jared’s Garden Center dwells Worlds Scariest Haunted House. Don’t let the building it resides in fool you, this haunt is filled with nightmare fuel.

Worlds Scariest Haunted House is filled with scares, from the second you enter to the moment you leave, the frights are at their maximum.  Nothing is as it seems, as innocent childhood memories and even other holidays have a demented twist.  Some scares come from props, but a majority of the scares come from the actors and atmosphere.  Even the commonly used chainsaw scare has a unique twist in this haunt.

Attention to detail is what makes Worlds Scariest so phenomenal.  Even though there are multiple different themes, every room is fleshed out.  Even normal hallways are painted in a way to misdirect you to think there is a creature around the corner.  The lighting inside is also fantastic, with the timing of the strobes so perfect it is easy to get completely turned around.  This is also the first haunt I visited that made it snow.  Props are also excellent and the actors use them in extremely creative ways.  The facade before you enter is also visually striking.

Intensity of the actors is also extremely high, they are absolutely everywhere.  This haunt also has a actor that preforms one of the best mannequin scares I have seen.  From demented dentists, to one creature that kept popping up, to a pair of twins that had strobe timing down to a art form, to a terrifying visitor that graces you with his presence.  Every actor stays in character and knows how to get the perfect scare.  Some of the best snarls and sounds by the actors, even some that follow the walls, were made in this haunt, to this day I still have no idea how they made those noises.  The costuming, masks and makeup are also phenomenal, especially the wax figure make up of the last actor that had us petrified in fear.  Though this is one of the shorter haunts in the area, Worlds Scariest Haunted House packs a lot of entertainment for your dollar.  I highly recommend visiting this haunt to anyone that wants to see a old school haunt with a lot of history and heart.

Pros: great use of fog and strobes, beautiful sets, intense actors including the best use of a chainsaw I have seen

Cons: nothing I can think of

Ryan Acker

Review Coming Soon!

10500 W. Bowles Ave. (Jared’s Garden & Nursery)

Littleton, CO.

  • $18 General Admission
  • $25 VIP
October 6th – 31st (Closed October 9, 16, 23)

7pm – ?

World’s Scariest Haunted House
The World’s Scariest Haunted House opened in 2014 to rejoin the haunting in Colorado. We have crept in again from the silence and are back with a terrifically horrifying haunt to satisfy all your deepest and darkest fantasies and fears.

Come join us at Jared’s Garden and Nursery located at 10500 West Bowles Ave., a 1/2 mile west of Kipling and Bowles Ave. Decades of Scares, Screams,Yells and full throttle Chain Saws have us confident that you will not leave disappointed.

Let’s see who’s strings are being pulled? Scare you soon!

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